Can A Security Door Be Made of Wood?

Secure door made from mahogany wood

The world can be quite dangerous, and there are criminals out there that wish to take what you have and even do your family harm. There are many ways that thieves attempt to enter your home but coming in right through one of the doors tends to be the easiest option for them. Most people don’t have a door that can’t be easily penetrated through. For many, this is because they assume a secure door will be unattractively made from cold steel – but this isn’t the case, even wood doors can be highly secure.

Most wooden doors used by homeowners are vulnerable in their lockset, door leaf, frame and much else. Criminals know this, and they find that it tends to be easy to get inside whether they are picking a lock or forcing the door leaf out of the jamb. Fortunately, you can do something about this. There are a number of options available when it comes to security doors made from a wide range of different materials. Finding and having a great door installed, along with quality locks, can help to shore up the security to your home quickly and efficiently.

Why Are Wooden Security Doors Installed?

People often simply like the aesthetics of wood doors, as they can provide a home with more of a traditional look, which is the most common architectural style for United State homes. In addition, they want to make sure that the door they choose will do a good job of matching and blending in with the rest of the house. They also fear that using a metal door would give the home more of an industrial look, or even that it could make the home look like a prison.

A secure door should not stick out obviously from the rest of the doors in ones home, or neighborhood. Therefore, our secure wooden doors are very popular because they are designed to look like the other standard wooden doors nearby.

4-panel armored wood door in white paintDesign Styles

There are many different design styles available with wooden doors. Many of the traditionally styled wooden doors will have a number of panels on them, typically numbering between two and 12. Armored 6-panel door designs are very popular. The doors might feature glass inserts, as well. Craftsman style wooden security doors tend to have straight lines, and they may also have glass inserts

Some homes might find that an arched door will work well for their needs, while others will find that a rustic door or even a modern door will be a better option for them. Ultimately, the design of the door will be up to the homeowner. They need to find a style that suits their home well and that still provides them with the security they need.

Types of Armored Wood Doors

In addition to the style, there are different types of security doors available today. It is important to have an understanding of what each of these can offer to best determine which one will be right for your home. Below you will find three options that could work well for your needs.

All Wood Doors

High-quality wood doors may be a traditional option, but the latest wood doors on the market are more advanced and are highly durable. One range of woods we offer are naturally water-resistant. They have a tubular chipboard filling and rubber seal to help with acoustic insulation, a magnetic lock, and wide, adjustable architraves. These are available in white and cream. We also offer other door options in a range of other styles and designs, such as walnut, wenge, bleached oak, oak, cherry, and pecan.

One of the biggest benefits of using all-wood doors is that they are the most cost-effective option you will find. The doors themselves are made from strong wood that is quite dense, such as oak. This helps to provide the added security to the door that you need. These doors also make use of steel locks. Despite not having a steel core, they can still be very strong and durable, as long as they receive proper care and maintenance.

Of course, an all wood door can never be as secure as a door with a steel or aluminum base structure.

Steel Core Clad With Engineered Wood

Wooden security door with gold hardware

People tend to assume that “engineered” wood is not a great option, but this is not the case at all. Engineered wood often looks just like wood and can be more durable – it is precisely engineered for its intended use.

These types of doors can be made to look like an actual wooden door, and they will have the benefit of having a steel core. This helps to make them strong and durable, which helps to improve your home’s overall security. Most or our steel core doors can withstand sophisticated attacks, such as from axes and hammers. They also tend to provide quality sound blockage, as well as fire-resistance. Due to the nature of their construction, they tend to expand and contract less due to changes in humidity than natural wood.

One should note that engineered wood often cannot be milled into if it will be finished in wood stain. This would expose the edges of the layers that comprise the engineered material, which would make the door look less attractive.

Without milling, though, you will find that the doors can look just as attractive as real wood, and they have the benefit that they are much less expensive when compared with solid core with actual solid wood. Additionally, an engineered cladding can be milled and then painted over – however, at that point the natural look of the wood is gone.

Steel Core Clad With Solid Wood

One of the first things that you will want to note about these doors is that they will be the most expensive option. However, despite the price, many people are opting for these doors because they have so many advantages to them. In fact, many people see this option as the best of both worlds.

With doors clad with solid wood, you will have a door that features real wood grain rather than engineered wood grain. This can provide not only a beautiful door but also real wood texture that so many find appealing. Because it has a steel core, though, you will also get the security that you really need. This does mean that this type of wood security door will be a bit thicker than a typical wooden door, though.

There are many different types of wood that are used on these doors. Alder wood is one of the most popular because it is quite versatile. With staining, alder can be made to look like many different types of wood. It has a natural light brown color with beautiful but subtle grain patterns. The tree is a part of the birch family and they are commonly found throughout the north temperate zone.

Manufacturing wooden door panels from lumber

Oak is another great option. The oak tree has a reputation as being a very strong and hearty wood, not to mention beautiful. It is commonly used in furniture and was once popular in shipbuilding. There are actually around 600 different species of oak, and they are found in nearly every state in the United States, as well as many other countries around the world.

Mahogany is a choice that many will want to consider, as well. The wood has a reddish-brown appearance naturally, and it is the most luxurious type of wood to use on your wooden security door. It comes from three different tropical hardwood species that are found in the Americas including Mexico to southern Amazonia, southern Florida and the Caribbean, and Pacific Central America. While it might add some expense to the door, it is well worth it for many buyers.

Something to keep in mind is that to maintain their beauty, you will need to provide wooden security doors with some added care. The maintenance is very simple to do on your own to keep the door in great shape.

Combine security and luxury with an armored wooden door.