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  1. What Is A Gun Safe Room
  2. Panic Room Similarities & Differences
  3. Overview of Steps

What Is A Gun Safe Room

A gun safe room or vault room is a highly secured room used to store your valuables (be it guns, art, currency or precious metals). As with safe rooms and panic rooms vault rooms need to be as secure as possible. Unlike safe rooms and panic rooms, that are meant to keep people safe, if someone is trying to break into this room you or a member of your household may not be able to notify law enforcement agencies (unless you install sophisticated sensors). Therefore, with these rooms you want to prevent entry for as long as possible. To do that you can use two basic principles: 1) strengthening and/or 2) camouflaging


If you are planning to build a vault room (that will not be used as a safe room) as part of a new house build it is important to keep in mind the following things:

Planning Your Gun Safe Room

Part 1: Doors For Your Gun Safe Room

How to build a gun safe room

Vault room doors will likely be locked from the outside as opposed to safe room doors that are going to be locked from the inside. Therefore, the locking mechanism will be an important feature to choose. Bio metric locks, keypad locks, and combinations of the two will guarantee high security even if they would take longer to lock than a mechanical spindle.

High-security doors come with multiple forced entry and bullet resistant designations. The higher the better but since burglars may have access to heavy tools the actual strength should be of higher priority than elaborate finishes.

Since you will be operating the door when you are relaxed and not in a hurry, the weight of the door isn’t a factor even if you don’t plan on using a support motor. Therefore, it can be as bulky (and therefore unbreakable) as your budget will allow for.

Part 2: The Walls Of Your Vault Room

When building your new residence, you will want to plan the location of the vault room to maximize natural strengthening and reduce weight on your super structure. The obvious way to do this is build the vault room in your basement.

Compared to a safe room that needs to be easily and quickly accessible in times of emergency, vault rooms can be built far away from bed rooms and other frequented living spaces.

The walls of the vault room should be as strong as your budget allows. Steel plates and reinforced concrete all allow for a high level of security and will take time to break through.

Part 3: Ventilating The Closed Room

In the case of a vault room ventilation is of secondary importance. Since no one will be staying in the room long term without being able to leave, ventilation will only function to ensure the correct environment for your possessions. So, make sure to keep in mind what you plan on storing in the room as you plan for ventilation.

If you do install a vent make sure that it is highly secure and does not become the weakest link in your plan.

Additional Considerations

As this room will not function as an inhabited room connecting it to water and stocking it with supplies isn’t necessary.

If you are wondering how to build a gun safe room in to an existing home efficiently, it is important to keep in mind that you won’t be altering the basic architecture of your house. You might be able to strength the doors and walls but you should consider using camouflaging techniques in order to make the room as inconspicuous as possible.

You will likely need to switch out an existing door with a high security door without altering the size of the frame and jamb. Standard sized security doors allow for this. Just keep in mind that hinges are the most vulnerable part of the door and should be kept on the inside of the vault.