Government Building

High Security Hardening of State & Federal Buildings

Armor Tailored to Governmental Needs

Key Features

  • Custom ballistic doors, blast windows and attack-resistant wall panels
  • Replication of intricate historic designs
  • Doors and windows rated to US Department of State forced entry standards
  • Products bullet resistant to all eight UL levels
  • Complete pre-fabricated and pre-assembled systems
  • Electronic integration to existing access control systems
  • Door and window frames designed to easily install in existing walls

Our products achieve the most prestigious security protocols

  • UL Paragraph 752 Ballistic Standards
  • National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 018.0 Ballistic Standards
  • European Ballistic Standard DIN EN 1063
  • ASTM F1233-98 Forced Entry Testing of Materials
  • Department of State Standard SD-STD-01.01 Rev. G


Custom Bulletproof Doors


Ballistic Wall Panels


Custom Blast Windows


Our Clientele Seeks Ultimate Security.

 Projects Include:

  • Private Homes of US Federal Lawmakers
  • Private Homes of G7 Heads-of-State
  • Embassy Entrances & Panic Rooms
  • State and Federal Courthouses
  • Police Stations Nationwide
  • Department of Justice Protected Individuals
  • Historically Protected Homes and Buildings


What Exactly Does Fortified Estate Provide?

Security Products

We provide complete doors and windows, as well as ballistic wall panels. Doors include the door leaf, the milled cladding, the secure frame, the lock system – everything. It is also completely pre-assembled before leaving our shop. Likewise, our windows include the ballistic glass, secure frame, hinges (if applicable), lock system (if applicable), thermal insulation, etc. – again, everything.

Security Expertise

Further, we provide the expertise that goes along with our products. We help at all stages of the planning, design and fabrication and shipping. Installation is always handled by local contractors (like most other architectural features), but we are closely in contact, and when clients desire also on site simultaneously to advise on any security aspects.

Do Our Products Require Installation by Fortified Estate?

No, our products can be installed by any experienced, skilled contractors.

Installation is similar to that of standard doors and windows, with some exceptions (most notably, the weight). Fortified Estate stays close in contact with the client’s contractor to ensure planning and execution of the installation proceeds optimally.

This business model provides time and cost savings for clients as they can leverage local contractors for install rather than relying on an out-of-state team.

What Is the Timeline of Production? Are Products In Stock?

Since our security products are designed to blend in to the clients building, our products are always made-to-order. 

Our ballistic / forced entry walls panels come in over 72 configurations. These are manufactured the quickest, typically in under 7-10 business days. 

Our high security doors and windows are completely custom, from design to size. The design phase usually takes a week or two, notwithstanding any pauses on the client’s side. Production, assembly, testing and crating typically takes 6-8 weeks. 

Can Security Products Be Made to My Specifications?

Our products are fully custom, but there are some constraints based on their high-security nature. For example, all of our highest-security doors must meet the US Dept of State forced entry ratings. Despite this, no other company in the world provides as aesthetically elegant of a product that still meets such rigorous security standards. 

Designs can be of unlimited styles, though they are unable to achieve as deep milling as a normal door due to the steel core. Likewise, framing and door leaf thicknesses must be maintained to fit the secure features inside. From a more functional perspective, lower-security key cylinders and the like won’t work with our doors. 

In most cases, we surpass the technical specifications required, but sometimes the specific components on a Governmental organization’s spec sheet need modification.