Fortified Estate is the leading company for bespoke, high-security hardening of residential and commercial structures.

Discreet security is our specialty.

We are led by a team of American professionals with experience in the military, security services and security manufacturing field.

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Beautifully Secure Entrances & Panic Rooms

With particular expertise in bullet and forced-entry resistance, we believe clients deserve access to the cutting edge and discreet fortifications that have historically been available only to the few “in the know”.

Our products are securing prestigious companies, residences and government organizations globally.

Our team is comprised of military, design, manufacturing and security professionals trained in advanced hardening and camouflage tactics.

Residential security door with chrome knob

Our team specializes in security protocols including:

  • UL Paragraph 752 Ballistic Standards
  • National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 018.0 Ballistic Standards
  • European Ballistic Standard DIN EN 1063
  • ASTM F1233-98 Forced Entry Testing of Materials
  • Department of State Standard SD-STD-01.01 Rev. G

Unrivaled Service With Dedicated Project Specialist

Factory spray painting of security door