Custom Bulletproof Doors

Custom Bullet resistant doors from $11,000 – $30,000

Discreet, Military-Level Security

Bullet Resistance

With ballistic steel discreetly infused inside, your bulletproof door and frame can be upgraded to stop dozens of powerful firearm rounds per UL 752 standards.

bullet resistance testing of steel gun room door
forced entry test on door hinge
Forced entry resistance certification by department of state

Forced Entry Resistance

When criminals – or even a mob – attempt to break past your door, US DoS standards offer the ultimate confidence that your and your family will stay secured.

More Security Information

Risks To Consider

Thieves may test dozens of every possible entry point to your home if they really wish to get inside. However, the most common point of entry is the front door. It’s the first thing they see, and it is often not sufficient enough to keep out burglars and others that might wish to harm you and your family. While they may seek other entrances to the home, 34% will try to enter through the front door, as criminals often see it as the easiest way to get inside.

Further, night time while home is not actually the main attack time. According to The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, the most common time period for a burglar to attempt entry is between 12pm and 4pm.


Our bullet proof doors use elegant European components and luxurious woods. Achieve a wooden bullet resistant door aesthetic with all high-security features covered behind custom millwork.

Painted Finish

Custom bulletproof doors can be factory-painted according to any of several hundred RAL color options, allowing you to match or contrast your home’s exterior.

high security entrance door with transom

Transoms & Sidelights

Bulletproof glass features can be incorporated into your bulletproof entry doors, protecting against anything from an axe strikes to AR-15 rounds. Fully custom sizing.

high security door clad with mahogany

Milled Wood

A ballistic wooden door can be clad using either engineered woods or natural hardwoods to replicate even historically-protected architectural designs.


Ballistic Glass Sidelights, Transoms

Solid Wood Cladding

Oak, Cherry, Walnut, etc.

Layered & Applied Mouldings

Decorative Knobs

Long Pull Handles

Vault-Strength Locking

Lock system is pre-installed at the factory into your custom ballistic door

System Includes:
Installing locks on a high security door
Additional Locking System Details

Locking Hardware Options

Our bulletproof doors for homes have several different lock options to provide a vault-style lock for your residential entrances. All come pre-installed into the door at the factory.

Unlike other security doors, all active bolts are engaged by a single highly secure cylinder. A single action gives you a complete security.

Mottura 85.771

Manufactured by an advanced Italian company since 1973, out standard Mottura lockset is as beautiful as it is secure. Comprised of polished thick steel bolts with the following arrangement: 10 active bolts on handle side, 4-8 passive bolts on hinge side, and one active bolt each on top and bottom of door leaf.

This lockset on your custom bullet proof door can optionally be upgraded for single handed egress – at no additional cost. This allows for easy locking of the door by lifting the handle on either the interior or exterior side. This is a great convenience as it allows you to leave your house and lock your door without needing to fumble for a key. And on the interior side simply pushing the handle down disengages the bolts for easy exit.

FIAM X1R Easy / Smart

Another precision Italian manufacturer, Fiam builds sophisticated motorized and automated locksets. It’s security is equally as robust as our standard Mottura option, with the same 16-20 thick steel bolt arrangement.

The X1R’s motorization of all the active bolts allows for a huge amount of options. Clients who upgrade their entry bulletproof door to the X1R have the option of also upgrading to have an embedded digital keypad or biometric fingerprint scanner built in to the door at our factory. These devices are designed specially for outdoor environments including extreme locations. For example, the eKey biometric scanner has an automated self heater winter temperatures – avoiding one of the common pitfalls of accurate biometric scanning from lesser systems.

However, the bulletproof door can also be integrated with the client’s supplied third-party access control devices of their choice. It can also be integrated with alarm systems for remote unlock.

Additional features include automatic locking whenever the door is closed and single button press to pop open door from safe side.

The X1R Smart system provides additional Bluetooth capabilities to the lock right out of the box. Using a special owners key card the client can connect their entry door to a special phone app, that can control access for themselves and others. They even can run a log of attempted and successful entries.

Multiblondo Easy / Emotion

The Multiblondo lockset is only rarely used, specifically in cases where very thin door stiles are desired for full glass doors. The lockset has a narrower profile than our more robust lock. However this comes at the expense of fewer active bolts, with three bolts on the handle side and non on top and bottom. (With the hinge side passive bolts the door still has 7-11 bolts total).

Despite this, the lockset itself is still awarded the highest level of lock security according to European standards and utilizes a special hooked-bolt shape to achieve a powerful level of security.

Access Control Considerations

When using a bulletproof door in an exterior residential location the convenience of operating it is of most importance. Unlike a panic room door which may only rarely be used, an entry door – whether a high security front door, or an armored side door – may be used multiple times a day and by multiple people.

residential bullet resistant entrance

Firstly, you want a high security door that is easy to lock. That will increase the likelihood of the door not being left open accidentally. Many burglars gain entry through nothing more than a door that was left unlocked. Our mechanical lock offers a mode where the handle itself can be used to engage the locking pins. This makes doing so extremely convenient.

Unlocking is also of importance, even if the options only make limited difference on security. Our doors are unlocked standard with a single key turn. (The key and cylinder themselves are highly secure, using a 3D profile and other measures that mitigate the risk of picking and bumping). If ordering multiple exterior bulletproof doors from us they can all be set to work with the same key.

Electronically upgrading the extremely secure door adds a ton of convenience. This allows you to gain entry without needing to remember to carry anything with you. This can be done with a code or, even easier, a fingerprint scanner. The latter allows you to train your family – even a small child – to open the door as needed. Another big benefit of all of our embedded access control options is that they allow for master / slave codes / fingerprints. This allows you to give temporary access to housekeepers and other guests which can then be revoked later.

Bulletproof Door Automations

Upgrade your custom ballistic door to be as convenient as it is secure

Motorized bolts on a walk-in gun room door

Automatic Locking

Ensure your ballistic door is fully secured every time the door is closed. All 16-20 bolts rapidly engage. 

Fingerprint scanner unlocks panic room door

Biometric Scanning

The highest-security fingerprint scanner available, with 1-in-10,000,000 accuracy and live-finger sensing.

Automatic door closer / opener on a gun room door

Concealed Door Closer / Opener

Discreet and configurable to open or close, with additional features for hold-open and an ultra-smooth close.

The Only Bulletproof Door Designed for Homes and Offices

  • Custom Wooden Bulletproof Door Milling matches home’s exterior style
  • Galvanized Steel provides decades of durability.
  • Complete Product includes bulletproof door, bulletproof frame, secure frame, welded hinges, locks, handles, and more
  • Pre-Assembled By Engineers during manufacturing for optimal install.
  • Best-In-Class Components allow for minute adjustments and effortless operation
  • Instant Locking & unlocking with single thumb-turn, single key-turn, key code or fingerprint scan.
  • Bulletproof Glass lites, transoms and sidelights built into secure front door.

Ballistic Door Security Features


  • Multi-layered, dual-sided, thick galvanized steel core
  • Mathematically optimized welding and corrugating
  • Door / Frame L-shape configuration neutralizes pry attacks
  • 2″ rockwool sound insulation embedded inside
  • Fixed Hinge-Side bolts render hinge attacks useless
  • Hardened steel channels in frame receive locking bolts
  • Armored shims encase 4″ lag bolts securing frame to wall
  • Configurable to in-swing or out-swing with equal protection
  • Three dimensional key cylinder with cylinder defender
Cross section of residential panic room door


How Long To Manufacture A Custom Bulletproof Door?

Design Time:

We typically turn around detailed shop drawings of your proposed bullet proof doors within just a few days to a week. The time it takes to get your custom door into the production queue is up to you. Many clients approve the door plan within a day. Some clients like to take their time and wait on approval for production.

Manufacturing Time:

Our front bulletproof doors are completely made-to-order, both as far as size, security and design. This is important to be able to properly match your home’s aesthetic. Many of the steps require hands-on work (such as welding or sanding). This therefore requires several portions – from engineering to fabricating – that takes longer than a standard mass produced security door. Production typically takes 6-8 weeks.

Shipping Time:

In order to achieve the best result, we utilize craftsman and component fabricators who are the leaders in their field, all over the globe. Generally our custom bulletproof doors therefore finish their production in Europe. Therefore shipping to the client takes 2 weeks for air freight or 4-7 weeks for ocean freight.

In some cases expediting options are available.

How Much Does A Bulletproof Residential Door Cost?

Our custom bulletproof doors range in price from around $11,000 to $30,000.

Our system includes everything: Secure door core, custom milled wood cladding, secure frame, multi-point lock system, insulation, hinges, thermal seal, and much more. Additionally the doorway is entirely assembled at our factory, optimized and tested.

The variance in price is mostly based on the following factors: the security level of the door; whether the door core and frame will be bulletproof (and to what strength); whether the door lock will be mechanical or motorized, such as with a biometric scanner; whether the door is single or double leaf, and; whether the door has special design elements such as thick Mahogany or ballistic glass inserts.

How Is A Bulletproof Door Installed?

Our bulletproof doors are specially designed to easily integrate into a residential or commercial framed building. It can easily install into standard wood studs or into masonry.

Installation of a bullet proof door is similar to that of a standard door. The door is pre-assembled in factory, and its engineering is optimized there. A local contractor or builder skilled in standard door installation is like able to handle this too.

The main difference in installation is the weight of the door system. While a standard exterior door may weigh under 75lbs, our high security door system for homes could weigh in excess of 400lbs. There, it is important to have enough labor on hand for the parts of the installation that involve moving the door.

The other item of importance is to identify the proper rough opening before the door begins production. A plum, level and square rough opening should be identified. Since this often isn’t the case, it’s best to simply take the largest opening within the rough opening that allows for this.

However, to help with these factors there are multiple features built into the bulletproof door that allow for easy installation. Firstly, again, the door is already pre-assembled and optimized in-house. So as long as it is installed true-to-gravity, it will work flawlessly. On top of that though the following features are included:

  • Adjustable strike plate
  • Built in, adjustable shim system
  • Pre-installed barrel hinges
  • Pre-installed aligned boltwork
  • Adjustable hinges without requiring door leaf removal
  • Removable door cladding
  • Removable lower bolt, with optional in-floor bolt sleeve
  • Standard trim included