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Ballistic Windows – Discreet for Homes & Historic Buildings

Important residential features

  • Clear view through bulletproof glass due to consistent index of refraction precision
  • Thermal layer of argon or air to exceed U-value requirements
  • Complete system that includes bulletproof glass, frame, and trim
  • Fully custom designs and sizes
  • Design replication, including for historic landmarks
  • Opening windows – extremely rare for ballistic glass
A white-painted brick mansion with bullet resistant windows throughout
Explosion resistant home windows


  • Bullet resistance to all 8 UL 752 levels, including handguns and rifles
  • Blast protection available to Department of Defence & GSA Standards (1 thru 45 PSI)
  • Fema 361 Certification Available (Federal Guidelines for Safe Room Construction)
  • Forced Entry Resistance Available to ASTM standards
Vulnerabilities in Standard windows
The average residential window is easily defeated.
Glass resists compression very well, making it a durable material for standard window applications.
In contrast, it is highly susceptible to tension.
Even sophisticated glass manufacturing processes leave thousands of microscopic cracks.
By itself, this doesn’t present a problem; however, when tension or bending is applied, these cracks “open.” At that point, the material’s interatomic bonds can easily break, leading to a multiplicative effect.
A criminal can easily use this to his advantage. An ordinary sharp object (even a screwdriver) is sufficient. And the larger the window, the easier it is to bend enough to crack. Double or triple-pane glass helps, but not significantly against a criminal – they merely need to hit the window harder.
Even without shattering the glass itself, household window frames and locks are susceptible to forced entry attacks through prying and cracking. Window frames are generally made of wood (which can flex) and simple locking systems – locks much less robust than those used on doors.
For all these reasons, windows remain one of the most common points of unauthorized, criminal entry into a home.

Protection Level Comparison

Residential bulletproof glass for windows ranges in protection levels between the eight Underwriter Laboratories paragraph 752 ballistic standards. These indicate the caliber type, velocity, and the number of rounds fired per square foot area.

Most homeowners typically work with Levels 1-3 when covering large portions of their home’s exterior. These levels cover handguns.
Level 1 residential ballistic glass stops three rounds from a 9mm handgun; level 3 stops three rounds of one of the most powerful handguns on the market, the .44 Magnum.

The higher rifle ballistic levels are more often employed for safe rooms, though a sizeable number of clients will utilize it for their entire home exterior. Rifle levels comprise Levels 4, 5, 7, and 8.

Level 6 is the odd exception – it stops 9mm rounds like Level 1, but at a faster speed and higher quantity; this is to stop bullets from a weapon like an Uzi.

Take a look at the UL 752 diagram to the right to see more detail. Our team can give you several options based on your specific situation to help you figure out which bulletproof windows are right for your home.

Chart showing UL 752 Bullet Resistant Levels and Weapons for Glass


Extremely rare due to ballistic window’s weight, we offer the broadest range of replica and historical window styles – made possible due to specialized engineering and the finest components spanning the globe.

A set of single hung windows made with ballistic glass

Fixed Replica Window

We often create bulletproof windows that match historical designs and blend into the home’s surrounding exterior, using mullions, muntins, tinting, and unique millwork.

Picture window

A flat, non-opening window is the most cost-effective option for bullet-resistant residential protection. Our bulletproof windows offer crystal clear visibility.

A set of bullet resistant casement windows in a bedroom

Operable windows

Due to our residential specialization, we are one of the only companies globally to offer fully opening bulletproof windows, including casement, tilt & turn, and even a modified single hung option.


Wood Frame Finish


Thermal Insulation


Mullions & Muntins

Commercial vs Residential Ballistic Windows
Bullet shatters in ballistic glass

Installing bulletproof glass for home windows is different from installing glass for commercial uses. 

Many commercial locations install ballistic glass, from gas stations to banks. The French government is even installing bullet-stopping glass as a security measure at the Eiffel Tower

Architects and builders design commercial locations to serve various functions: from transacting money to containing those awaiting trial.

In contrast, builders design a home as a relaxing, beautiful place for a family to live in and enjoy.

Custom bulletproof home windows must therefore incorporate beauty and elegance as much as they incorporate security. Bulky and cumbersome window systems will not do. 

Of primary importance is the ability to see clearly out of the bulletproof window. The system used for the frames is also essential. The most straightforward constructed window frames – and therefore those used mostly in commercial or governmental applications – are made of industrial-style aluminum or steel. This style matches poorly with most home architecture.

Finally, homeowners require different functionality and locking than commercial locations. A shop may be satisfied with fixed storefront windows; however, a homeowner typically wants operable windows to provide airflow.

Fortified Estate’s high security and bulletproof windows are fully custom. We design them to match even the most opulent residences. Sophisticated engineering allows us to create some of the only operable bulletproof windows.


Additional Installation Details

Our bulletproof
windows are more robust, thicker, and heavier than typical 
shatter-resistant glass. However, the basic installation principles remain the same.

You don’t need to be a large company to incorporate ballistic windows into your house. While the framing requirements differ somewhat, one’s home rarely needs significant augmentation to install ballistic windows. 

Our bulletproof windows can conveniently install into a new or an existing residence.

The glass’s thickness – usually comprised of multiple, fused layers – ranges depending on whether the homeowner wants protection from axes, handguns, or assault rifles. The frame systems are all similar, although the overall unit can vary in weight by 20-50%.

Our bullet resistant windows are made-to-measure, so it is essential to get accurate rough opening measurements before production. We list the planned sizes on detailed shop drawings for the client or contractor to sign off on before officially releasing for manufacture.

Once bullet resistant window manufacture is completed, the custom windows ship for arrival to the residence or job site. The windows arrive fully assembled. Generally, we instruct the contractor to remove the glass for installation temporarily. By lessening the weight during this step, the installation of the frame affords more effortless precision.

Installing the frame plumb, level, and square is very important, especially for our operable, multi-locking windows. Our window frames have specialized steel shims built in them that offer easier installation and greater security.

For more detailed installation information, please reach out to a team member today.

Example shop drawings of casement ballistic window
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Clients often protect all vulnerabilities in a specified perimeter – from a single panic room to an entire house.