There are unfortunately too many ways that attacks on you and your loved ones, or your property, can occur. The news lately has been filled with accounts of terrifying assaults on people happening in the places they trust most, that could have likely been prevented with the right protective measures.

Lone Wolf Attacks

Just one lone individual invading your place of worship can cost numerous lives, injuries and great damage. If your property is left physically unprotected, even if you have measures such as a security guard in place, there are many areas of your property still wide open to invasion by criminals or airborne weapons, such as homemade bombs, Molotov cocktails, hurled rocks or bricks, and more.  Using the right fortification, these perpetrators just cannot get in!


Terrorist attacks strike great fear in our hearts and rightly so, as they can be well planned out and have deadly consequences. The tricks employed by these exceptionally dangerous criminals can render guards or security cameras useless. Using fortified materials to encompass your property you can create a highly protective barrier that will keep your congregation safe from bullets, small bombs, rocks and other destructive devices. In conjunction with other security measures (security guard, proper lighting, vigilance), your congregation will now be protected from harm from any outside forces.

Hate Groups

Sadly, Jewish establishments have come under attack far too frequently, and the incidence of these attacks appears to be increasing. Some of these despicable attacks have been on people, and some damaging property, but all need to be eradicated. Protecting your perimeter can offer you great peace of mind knowing that your congregation, establishment or other property will be fortified to be a strong deterrent to intruders.


Desecrating, defacing or robbing a religious institution is a heinous act. We have very unfortunately been hearing about such terrible acts occurring in synagogues and cemeteries around the world. Create an impenetrable barrier of safety around your property to keep out robbers and destructive vandalizing forces, ensuring that your synagogue, institution, establishment or cemetery will always be well protected and at its safest.

Disgruntled Workers

These days stress is unavoidable and has at times led mentally unstable individuals to commit acts of great violence and destruction. There is no way to know who might decide to attack you or your property, so ensuring you have put in place a formidable layer of protection around your property will give you confidence that you are keeping your family and congregants safe to your best ability.


A host of dangerous weapons exist that in the wrong hands can injure or kill those you need to keep safe.


  1. Rifles
  2. Hand guns


Bullets of guns from the following weapons cannot break through our fortified impenetrable barrier. (*SHOW EXAMPLES)


Anything from Molotov cocktails to homemade pipe bombs, IEDs, up to sophisticated explosives can wreak havoc on your establishment without a safe exterior barrier.



They can come in all sizes and shapes, and inflict terror and damage. But they are no match for our fortified materials that cannot be sliced through no matter what.

Hatchets & Axes

Unbelievable but true, these tools have been employed as weapons in recent years! But they’re not getting in past our impervious fortified materials.

Rocks, Bricks, and other objects

These items can be thrown through windows with damaging consequences to people and property. Our specially designed glass windows are impervious to hurled objects and offer no point of entry or possibility of breaking through to injure your congregants, loved ones or interior possessions.


Precise Target

Perpetrators may be targeting a specific individual to harm, or be searching to harm one or more people not known to them, to create havoc or make a statement. Regardless the reason, these individuals must be kept from infiltrating or attacking those you seek to protect. Protecting your perimeter with our weaponproof exterior panels offers you a sure way to keep these attackers, and any means of harm they wish to employ, from getting to you.

 Mass Attack

We pray your family or congregation will never in a million years encounter such a situation, but it goes without saying that protection against a mass attack wherever people congregate has become critical in these times. The peace of mind of having a cocoon of safety surrounding your congregation or property is priceless. By fortifying your property from attack, you can feel confident and safe about yourself and those you care about as you go about your daily activities.


Main door

Protection at your main entryways is crucial. Make sure any glass areas including transoms are fully reinforced with our fortified damage proof windows. Using our protection, along with proper vigilance, guarding and lighting, you can rest assured that nobody can get past you and invade your property to cause harm.

Side doors (especially those made of glass)

As important as main door coverage is, sneaky criminals will look for entrances less open to view. Protect all your doorways from entry to keep out surprise attacks or vandalism. Glass doors are especially vulnerable to forced entry. Covering all your doors with our fortified products gives you 360 degree protection of your property to keep everything, and everyone, inside safe.

Large Windows

Our bulletproof, weapon proof glass protection keeps your vulnerable large windows under your control not attackers, with a state of the art impenetrable barricade.

Receiving Bays/Loading Docks

These areas are also a possible area of entry and vandalism so make sure you have them protected as well to keep your property fully secure from all angles.

Basement (windows or walk out basements)

Don’t forget some extremely important areas of necessary coverage in your synagogue, establishment or home:  your basement entry areas! Criminals often access basement windows or doors to invade your property and possible stay hidden from you until they are ready to pounce.  Don’t leave yourself open to worry by giving these doors and windows the proper protective care they need; bolster them with fortified materials so they become impossible to access.

Fire Escape

Foil a fire escape area entry onto your property by reinforcing your fire escape doors and windows with our reinforced window and doorway barriers.


Sometimes overlooked when considering the security of your property, the garage is an area where intruders can stealthily access your property under hidden cover. Make sure to have all garage entryways and exits, windows and doors, fully enclosed within our protective barrier.

Perimeter congregating

Any area where your congregants meet together is in need of protection from danger. Assess where you may have any areas of your property that can be accessed by interlopers and make sure that they are enclosed and protected with Fortified Estate security protection.

Looking to upgrade your church, synagogue or mosque security? Now is the time, as risks abound. Let our team point out the areas of highest risk and provide you the solutions your congregation needs.