Protective Methods Include:

Synagogue ballistic door


Custom Doors

Stop all manner of bullets and attacks at the building’s most vulnerable entry points. Interior and exterior. Custom design and size.


Ballistic Windows

Stop attackers from entering your building or allowing bullets to hit people inside. Custom sizing and protection levels.

ballistic partitions for synagogues


Wall Panels

Discreetly add high level bullet and attack resistant to critical rooms, such as where children play. Make the room double as a safe room.

Synagogue alert system


Panic Buttons

Instantly alert the entire building and stakeholders (through text messages, email and more) to provide valuable defensive time.

Elegantly Secure Results

Our secure solutions are designed to match the aesthetic of multiple building types to ensure a discreet and attractive solution.

attack resistant synagogue entryway
Secure synagogue security desk
aluminum and glass armored school
double door bulletproof synagogue entrance
brick facade bullet resistant walls
stone facade secure school
bomb resistant shul facade
black ballistic aluminum entrance

Why Work With Us?

Personal Synagogue Affiliation

Our company ownership and management is practicing Jews here in the USA. Our co-founder served in the IDF. We are intimiately familiar with the unique features of shuls and yeshivot, most notably the balance with all levels of shabbat observence.

Grant Expertise

Most schools and synagogues we work with fund their security upgrades almost exclusively through grants provided by the Department of Homeland Security. Organizations have generated over $75,000 from these programs.

Security grants for schools and synagogues


Discreet Solutions

Unappealing, cold security solutions have no place in a warm, Jewish environment – it can enhance fear and send the wrong to the younger generation. Instead, the solutions we work with look no different than traditional options. Bulletproof need not mean ugly.

Common Locations Requiring Security


Shuls are a common target. Perpetrators are often knowledgeable that Shabbat is when the most congregants are present and that communication may be the most restricted. Large crowds often congrate outside.

Jewish Schools

It goes without debate that schools and yeshivot are where our future lives. In the USA, many mass shootings take place at schools. Anti-semitism adds an extra risk. Newly available government grants make solutions achievable.

Community Organizations

Increasingly, places like Kosher supermarkets, restaurants, and even chesed organizations are threatened or even attacked. Anywhere that is obviously Jewish is increasingly under threat. Special security measures are needed.

Typical Process

1 - Discovery Call or Site Visit

Our team will review with your unique security vulnerabilities. This will either be over the phone, while looking at satellite imagery and shared photos and videos or it will be in person, during a walk site visit walk through.

Based on national research we will identify likely vulnerable points and areas that could use the most fortification.

2 - Solutions Proposed

Based on the particular layout of the building and potential threat types our team will present a detailed plan of solutions and implementation. We often present more than one possible option so the pricing options can be presented to the board of directors.

3 - Measurements Confirmed

Generally at this point a deposit is paid to officially start the project. A local contractor will review all measurements. Because all of our products are custom, this ensures that minimal installation work will be needed.

4 - Production Initiated

The various parts of the projects will being fabrication. All products are build custom. High security components and raw materials are sourced from the most prestigious sources, some from around the world. The completed products are often fabricated by hand to ensure precision.

Production typically takes 4-8 weeks.

5 - Delivered & Installed

The products are delivered as close to fully assembled as possible. This allows our team to ensure precise engineering schematics in our factory and minimize installation needs. Installation is done by local contractors to provide the most cost effective options for clients.

Once installation is complete, outsiders often can’t tell that their previous doors and windows are replaced with highly secure ones.

Defend Those Entrusted To you

Our team is focused on making your security project a success, whether its to protect congregants, customers or students. Reach out today.

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